March 29, 2016: jMetrik version 4 is now available! The offical release of version 4 brings new functionality and even some refinements since the beta release. New features include marginal maximum likelihood estimation of a variaety of item response models. Refinements include new item characteristic curve plots with observed points and a new look to the item maps. Go to the download page to get the latest release.

ICCjMetrik is a free and open source computer program for psychometric analysis. (See who is using jMetrik.) It features a user-friendly interface, integrated database, and a variety of statistical procedures and charts. The interface is intuitive and easy to learn. It also scales to the experience of the user. New users can quickly learn to implement psychometric procedures though point-and-click menus. Experienced users can take advantage of the jMetrik command structure and write command files for executing an analysis.

Psychometric methods include classical item analysis, reliability estimation, test scaling, differential item functioning, nonparametric item response theory, Rasch measurement models, item response models (e.g. 3PL, 4PL, GPCM), and item response theory linking and equating. Statistical methods available in jMetrik include frequencies, correlations, descriptive statistics and a variety of graphs. New methods are added to each new version of the program. View a complete list of jMetrik features.

jMetrik’s embedded database increases productivity by providing a common data format for all of its methods. There is no need to reformat or reshape data for each procedure. The database is the primary mechanism for data management. There is virtually no limit to the sample size or number of tables that can be stored in the database. Users are only limited by the amount of storage on their computer. After importing data into jMetrik, users can create subsets of data by selecting examinees or variables. Users can also create new tables by saving the results of an analysis in the database for further processing.

Applied Measurement with jMetrik provides an introduction to psychometric methods and step-by-step instruction on how to implement the method in jMetrik. It is a user manual for jMetrik.

jMetrik is a pure Java application. It runs on Windows, Max OSX, and Linux operating systems. Installation files include the needed version of Java Virtual Machine. Just download the installer and double click the icon to begin the installation process.